Conference Program

Aug. 19, 2021
    ~ 10:00 Registration (offline)
    10:00 ~
    10: 15
    Opening remark, Prof. Heung Youl Youm (General Co-chair, Soonchunhyang University)
    Welcoming remark (1), Mr. Koji Nakao (General Co-chair, NICT)
    Welcoming remark (2), Prof. Chun-I Fan (General Co-chair, National Sun Yat-sen University)
    Welcoming remark (3), Hur Sung Wook (Deputy Minister, Office of Network Policy, Ministry of Science and ICT)
    10:15 ~
    10: 30
    10:30 ~
    Keynote (Session Chair: Prof.Heung Youl Youm)
    AI and privacy,
    Prof. Daeseon Choi (SoongsilUniversity)
    11:15 ~
    Invited talk #1 (Session Chair: Mr.Koji Nakao)
    IoT Cyber Security: Device Discovery, Attack Observation, and Security Notification,
    Prof. Yoshioka(Yokohama National University)
    12:00 ~
    13:30 ~
    Session 1: Detection and Protection
    (Session Chair: Mr.Baodong Wen)
    An Easy-to-use
    Framework to Build and
    Operate AI-based Intrusion
    Detection for In-situ Monitoring
    Ikje Choi,
    Jun Lee,
    Taewoong Kwon,
    Kyuil Kim,
    Yoonsu Choi,
    Jungsuk Song
    Which Packet Did They
    Catch? Associating NIDS
    Alerts with Their
    Communication Sessions
    Ryosuke Ishibashi,
    Hiroki Goto, Tao Ban, Chansu Han,
    Takeshi Takahashi,
    Jun'Ichi Takeuchi
    A framework to protect
    National Cyber Borders in
    peace and war
    Nabeel Shakeel,
    Nadeem Kafi Khan
    15:00 ~ 15:15 Break
    15:15 ~ 16:00 Invited Talk #2 (Session Chair: Prof.Chun-I Fan)
    Attacks against Transfer Learning and their Countermeasures, Prof. Chia-Mu Yu
    (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University)
    16:00 ~ 16:15 Break
    16:15 ~ 18:30 Poster Session (Offline)
    18:30 ~ 21:30 Banquet (Offline)

Aug. 20, 2021
    ~ 10:00 Registration (offline)
    10:00 ~
    10: 45
    Invited Talk #3 (Session Chair: Dr. Ryoichi Isawa)
    Data driven analysis for cybersecurity,
    Dr. Daisuke Inoue (Director General of Cybersecurity Nexus, NICT)
    10:45 ~
    11: 00
    11:00 ~ 12:00 Rump session (Session Chair: Dr. Jun Lee)

    Talk 1. Hiroaki Kikuchi (Meiji University),
    “Competition on healthcare data privacy - PWS Cup 2021”.
    Talk 2. Youngmin Ko (KISTI),
    “Moving Target Defense system using distributed ledger in 5G massive IoT device environment”
    Talk 3. Zi-Yuan Liu (National Chengchi Univ.) "Public-key Authenticated Encrytion with Keyword Search: A Generic Construction and Its Quantum-resistant Instantiation"
    Talk 4. Ndwete Gabriel Daniel (Soonchunhyang Univ.),
    “Key sharing using distributed ledgers”
    Talk 5. Tianxiang He (Kyushu Univ.),
    “A Fast Algorithm for Constructing Phylogenetic Trees with Application to IoT Malware Clustering”
    Talk 6. Jingyi Li (Guilin University of Electronic Technology), “An Aggregate Authentication Framework for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Cluster Network”
    12:00 ~ 13:30 Lunch (Steering committee meeting / Online)
    13:30 ~ 15:00 Session 2: Cryptographic
    Protocols and Usability
    (Session Chair: Prof. Raylin Tso)
    Vulnerability Exploiting SMS
    Push Notifications
    Rina Shibyama, Hiroaki
    Identity-Based Signature from
    Quadratic Residues and Its
    Extension to ID-Based Multi-
    Yi-Fan Tseng, Jheng-Jia
    Improved Proxy Re-encryption Scheme with Equality Test Chih-Chen Yang, Raylin
    Tso, Zi-Yuan Liu, Jen-
    Chieh Hsu, Yi-Fan Tseng
    15:00 ~ 15:15 Break
    15:15 ~ 16:00 Invited Talk #4 (Session Chair: Prof. Yong Ding)
    Security and Privacy for Artificial Intelligence of Things,
    Prof. Haojin Zhu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
    16:00 ~ 16:05 Break
    16:05 ~ 17:35 Session 3: Privacy
    (Session Chair: Prof. Hiroaki Kikuchi)
    A Privacy Preserving Scheme
    with Dimensionality Reduction
    for Distributed Machine Learning
    Zhaoheng Chen,
    Kazumasa Omote
    A Privacy-Preserving Enforced
    Bill Collection System using
    Smart Contracts
    Tomoki Fujitani, Keita
    Emura, Kazumasa
    Multi-Level Privacy Preserving K-Anonymity (Video)
    Jui-Hung Weng,
    Po-Wen Chi
    17:35 ~ 17:40 Break
    17:40 ~ 18:25 Invited Talk #5 (Session Chair: Prof. Jheng-Jia Huang)
    Computation and Communication Security for
    the Fifth Generation and Beyond (B5G) Mobile Networks,
    Prof. Ruei-Hau Hsu (National Sun Yat-sen University)
    18:25 ~ 18:30 Closing Remarks

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